Minor Food Group (China) one of the brands – The Pizza Company opened its first franchise store in the picturesque coastal city of Dalian on May 15, 2007. The opening represented a good beginning of the Pizza Company franchise project.

Minor Food Group (China) Chief Executive Officer Mr. Todd Mischke said, “The Pizza Company has been developing rapidly in the Chinese market. In order to meet the demand of other regional markets in China, we are formally launching the franchise project. As the first market in Northeast China, Dalian will ceremoniously welcome the opening of the first franchise store. This is the first step to promote the development of The Pizza Company and the brand image of the company in Chinese market. Later, we shall focus our efforts on developing local markets in Shanghai, Su Zhou, Nan Jing, Hang Zhou, and Shandong.”

As a leader of the Food & Beverage industry in Asia, The Pizza Company, a famous brand of the Minor Food Group, will bring us an entirely new consumer experience. Pursuing the concept of innovation and excellence, The Pizza Company has successfully built its presence in more than 10 countries around the world and has been famed as a pioneer in pizza innovation. So far, the company has established its leadership position in Thailand, possessing a market share of 70%. Currently, the company has over 200 outlets in the Asia-Pacific region including China.

Since entered Chinese market in 2005, The Pizza Company has won lots of fashionable young consumers, with its youthful and dynamic image and colorful menus. In addition to the authentic traditional Italian pizza, the company has introduced customer-made pizza. The consumers may choose their favorite toppings and produce unique pizza for their families or friends according to their own taste. This personalized marketing mode has been a great success in many countries in the Asia-Pacific region and it will be accepted and welcomed by the consumers in the Northeast and other regions of China.

Relevant sources said that with its rich taste and innovative menu, The Pizza Company will maintain a rapid growth in the Chinese market through franchise operations.

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