Takeaway Pizza – The Box that Becomes a Plate

Presentation at SIAB, the International Bakery, Pastry, Confectionery, Fresh Pasta and Pizza Exhibition: “Castiplates” developed and manufactured by a Veronese company. An innovation for enthusiasts of takeaway/home delivery pizza thanks to a practical and environment-friendly product
Verona, 6 May 2007. Once upon a time, there were cardboard boxes for pizzas. “Pizza to take home”, we used to say. An old custom, by now, in the language and services for one of the landmarks of Made in Italy worldwide.

Such changes have influenced language (“takeaway” or “home delivery”, as we say now) but also technology. As is now the case for the cardboard box that can be placed in the oven so that pizza can be warmed again after delivery (or taking it home).

Yet today another step forwards has been achieved thanks to an absolute innovation: “Castiplates” are boxes that become practical plates with an eye to the environment. Developed by the Castibox company based in Montorio, near Verona, this innovation for master pizza chefs and, especially, clients was presented at SIAB – the International Bakery, Pastry, Confectionery, Fresh Pasta and Pizza Exhibition scheduled at VeronaFiere until 9 May.

A revolutionary idea joining other specific products already offered by the Veneto-based company, such as the carry box for “calzone pizza”, the “Prendi-Pizza” cardboard spade or the box used simultaneously to delivery pizza slices and soft drink cans.

“Castiplates” are based on a very simple concept. The “plate” is easily detached from the cardboard cover – or base, depending on the model. In this way, pizza can be baked without space-consuming accessories and then sealed and served directly at table.

The advantages? Practical, time savings and especially no need to use detergents to wash plates. This latter aspect will surely appeal to singles. It is also environment-friendly.

Castiplates are produced with three standard graphic effects but can also be customised and manufactured in different types of cardboard, on the basis of purchaser requirements.