Students Take home Prize for Essay about Favorite Pizza

According to a report from in West Salem, Wisconsin, “Third-grader Hannah Cuda just wrote an essay winning herself a year’s supply of Rocky Rococo pizza. And the irony? She doesn’t even like Rocky’s pizza that much.”

The article said, “Cuda was actually aiming to win $1,000 for her school, Coulee Region Christian School. She and six of her classmates entered an essay contest sponsored by Rocky Rococo Pizza, in which they had to explain in 100 words or less why the pizza was their favorite brand of pizza.”

The report stated: “None of the students took the top prize, but half of them placed in the top six. And even though they didn’t meet their goal, their teacher, Molly Misany, was plenty excited for them.”

“I was very proud,” Misany said. “Just stunned.”

The article said, “Fourth-grader Gabrielle Lester won $250 for taking third place, Cuda won a year’s supply of pizza for taking fourth place and fourth-grader Hannah Rose Malone won a Rocky Rococo T-shirt for taking sixth place.

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