‘Stranger Things’ Happen With Domino’s ‘Mind-Ordering App’

The chain has teamed up with the hit Netflix show to create an immersive experience in the Upside Down world.

  • Domino’s new “mind-ordering” app creates an immersive experience that lets users explore the Upside Down world of “Stranger Things.”
  • Customers will also get a 20% coupon for their next digital order—unless the Mind Flayer gets to them first.

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Will it soon be possible to order pizza just by thinking about it? Probably not, but Domino’s customers can try it just for fun with a new “mind-ordering app” tied into Netflix’s hit show, “Stranger Things.”

Just in time for the July 1 premiere of the final two episodes of “Stranger Things,” Domino’s is offering a 20%-off coupon for online orders to customers who download the app. It offers an immersive experience that places “test subjects” inside Hawkins National Lab in Hawkins, Indiana. That’s the fictional (we hope) federal complex that experimented on children, including Eleven, during the early 1980s and ultimately opened the “gate” to the dreaded Upside Down world.

While it’s highly unlikely that pizza fans will unlock a portal to a dark dimension with the app, they can try it out in a couple of ways. With the “Try for Fun” option, users can explore the Hawkins lab, uncover Easter eggs and try to use their telekinetic powers to gain control of certain objects. Or they can just choose the “Place a Real Order” and order a pie.

Just choosing the “Try for Fun” option will get users a coupon for 20% off the menu price for their next digital order—if they make it out of the Upside Down alive.

“With season four, volume two of ‘Stranger Things’ quickly approaching, we know fans around the U.S. are going to gather around the TV for viewing parties,” said Kate Trumbull, Domino’s senior vice president of brand and product innovation. “Pizza is the perfect complement to binge-watching your favorite show.”

To receive the coupon, customers will have to:

• Download Domino’s mind-ordering app from the App Store or Google Play.
• Choose the “Try for Fun” mode.
• Focus their mind on the pizza box and follow the prompts to explore the Void and the Upside Down world.
• Find the computer screen and tap it for the 20% off coupon, which takes them to Dominos.com, where the 20% off coupon will automatically be applied to their cart.
• Place the order and pray the Mind Flayer doesn’t deliver it.