TAMPA, FL Spectrio ( www.spectrio.com ) , a provider of audio messaging solutions, has signed a multi-year deal to become a reseller of CallWorks, a suite of audio messaging solutions which serves almost 19,000 locations in the pizza/restaurant industry.  CallWorks is developed by Fidelity Communications , a provider of phone communications services for small-to-medium sized businesses.

CallWorks is an incoming call management system that deploys state of the art technology with built-in connections to local area networks, modems, computers, wall mount displays and wallboards. As a result, a business’ incoming call needs can be addressed with one single solution, compatible with all telephone products currently in the marketplace. Spectrio will leverage CallWorks by reselling the equipment and by providing/creating the audio messages that play on all equipment sold.  With over 19,000 systems installed, CallWorks is the preferred leader in call management with its small business price tag.

“Some businesses looking for audio messaging solutions need to find an all-in-one package that includes both hardware, software and the messaging content itself,” said Aaron Kleinhandler, principal & CEO of Spectrio. “To prevent monetary losses as well as preserve customer confidence, these institutions must implement powerful solutions that are easy to implement and operate. That’s where Spectrio, coupled with CallWorks, comes in.”

“CallWorks is designed to route calls to a company’s specific departments based on a user’s select touch-tone digits, as well as provide on hold announcements and caller-ID info,” said Rick Stanbridge, President of Fidelity Communications. “Fidelity is pleased to providing CallWorks to Spectrio as a complementary audio messaging solution for its customers.”  

About Spectrio:

Headquartered in Tampa, Fla., Spectrio provides audio and video based marketing solutions to help clients deliver effective marketing messaging for customers. The company creates and delivers a variety of multimedia marketing solutions through its in-house production and service capabilities including producing and recording on-hold phone messages, IVR prompts and automated attendant greetings; digital signage solutions for waiting areas, retail spaces and interactive kiosk applications; public space music and location specific “storecast” messaging; multimedia enhancements for the web, and custom video applications.   The combined company has annual revenues of approximately $17 million and 72 employees, and with audio and/or video marketing solutions in place in approximately 40,000 U.S. locations, it is among the top five providers in the telephone on-hold messaging industry.

About Fidelity Communications:

Fidelity Communications was started in 1989 by Rick Stanbridge and Bob Gilles. The two former executives of Ford Aerospace and AT&T realized that if you bring small to medium sized enterprises PRICES, SERVICE and ATTENTION formerly reserved for Fortune 500 companies you could provide them with an unbeatable value proposition. Today, Fidelity, headquartered in Novi, Michigan has two North American manufacturing facilities with over 430 service depots and services  over 34,000 customers in the US, Canada, Puerto Rico and Europe.


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