Social Networking Steps Forward with Site Designed for Over 30 Crowd

Ft. Lauderdale, Oct 20 — According to a report from Forrester Research issued Oct 13th 2009, almost everyone under 35 uses social networks, but the growth of these networks over the last year has come from older adults; Use of social networking by people aged 35 to 54 grew 60 percent in the last year., developed and launched by Serviance Media Corporation has become the first website to specifically target the over 30 crowd by addressing the needs of people who are not satisfied with online friendships. Members get traditional social networking and photo sharing with a clear and easy to navigate user interface, forums for group discussion, blogs, and the ability to explore hobbies, develop interests and participate in face-to-face group activities with like minded people.

“We had been getting requests from our friends and their friends and their friends and all have said the same thing, “Facebook is fun for the first month or two but after you have caught up with everyone from your past, then what?” said Mr. Phil Petree, CEO of Serviance Media Corporation. “Essentially, grownups (can’t say adults as that has a different connotation) don’t want to sit in front of a computer all day and night and they aren’t content with online relationships. We want to get out, meet people, explore new ideas, develop hobbies and have some fun! Until now, no other social networking site has attempted to fill this need.” continued Mr. Petree.

According to Bruce Edwards, a member from Stuart, FL “ is the first site I have found that is built specifically to address our needs! With forums for on-going discussions, blogs and real life, face-to-face events, this is something more useful than any of the other sites. On TheSocialstop we can explore our interests and discover more of what the world has to offer!”

Don Richardson of Rome, GA adds “I get tired of being bombarded with pizza parlors and rock bands wanting to be my friend. On no commercial profiles are allowed so we don’t get that non-sense. I also like the different interest sections. There are hobbies I’ve always wanted to explore and finding people with those interest that can mentor me along the way will be very helpful. Being able to bring those online relationships into real life will be amazing!”

”I think the thing I have been most impressed with (besides the interests, forums and events) is the help desk. Submitting a trouble ticket was easy and the response was fast. On the bigger sites I still can’t even figure out how to find someone to talk to! Here, they make it easy to get help!” said Dee Trimnal of Wyoming

”If you’re in the association business as we are, you must be sitting-up and taking notice today of such an elegant networking platform. By allowing national associations to more easily communicate with their local chapters and the local chapters to more easily organize local events, TheSocialStop represents the answer to the prayers of our non-profit clients whose communications capabilities just stepped into the 21st Century,” said Mike ter Maat, managing executive at the association and event management firm, Transversality.

Serviance Media Corporation, based out of Ft. Lauderdale, Florida specializes in community and social networking sites for specific markets. Founded in 2008, the company owns or operates several popular websites with several others under development.