According to a report from, police are hunting for an elusive tire stabber. One local business even offers free pizza for a year as a reward for the culprit’s identity.

The report said, “Four tires on a Domino’s Pizza company car were damaged where it was parked at the business premises on Main St.”

Over Saturday night, more than 130 tires on 50 cars were either slashed or deflated across the central business district in Blenheim, the report said.

“Now Domino’s store owner Chris Donnelly has put up an offer of one year’s free pizza to the first person who leads police to the tyre stabber,” the article stated.

“A lot of people have been victimised by this mindless vandalism and I am hopeful that this reward will motivate someone into helping the police lead to a conviction,” Donnely said in the article.

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