Verona, March 2007 – Interesting, detailed and impressive: these are the special features of the calendar of conventions and meetings at SIAB, the most important international event dedicated to technologies, raw materials and semi-finished goods for production of bread, pastry, pizza and fresh pasta, scheduled 5-9 May in Verona.
Organisation by VeronaFiere, in collaboration with Ipack-Ima, immediately highlighted that seminars and conventions at a sector event such as SIAB must not only be an occasion for meetings and exchanges of ideas between experts but also important opportunities for stimulating the best energy on the market and fundamental appointment for all operators in this continually evolving field.
This is why the programme includes many targeted and incisive meetings tackling a broad variety of topics that focus on all areas of interest involving the the world of Bakery, Pastry, Confectionery, Fresh Pasta and Pizza, organised not the least thanks to collaboration with qualified companies and associations.
The impressive programme particularly includes the seminars organised by VeronaFiere in collaboration with Studio Tosi within the scope of the exhibition: “SIAB workshops”.
The first is named “A New Frontier for Bakery, Pastry, Confectionery, Fresh Pasta and Pizza Companies and Machinery Builders: International training experience with Rumania”, scheduled Saturday 5 and Sunday 6 at 16.30 pm and Monday 7 May at 11.00 pm. It will discuss the opportunities, organisation and management of international training courses. The second is “Seeking Structural Funds in Rumania: Effective EU finance opportunities for companies in the Bakery, Pastry, Confectionery, Fresh Pasta and Pizza value chain”, scheduled Saturday 5 and Sunday 6 at 14.30 pm and Tuesday 8 May at 11.00 am. The objective is to verify the new opportunities and prospects on offer in Rumania, particularly in its south-east region. The third convention scheduled by Studio Tosi is “Basle 2 Risk or opportunity for small-medium companies” – Tuesday 8 and Wednesday 9 May at 14.30 pm. It will analyse the particular Basle 2 topic and provide overall and complete information and suggestions concerning the impact of the new agreement. Conad, an authoritative representative of Large-Scale Distribution, on the other hand, offers its own outlook in the convention titled “How to develop a portfolio of own-brand fresh pasta products in Large-Scale Distribution”, scheduled on Monday 7 May at 14.30 pm. “The role of cereals and bakery products in a healthy and modern diet”, lastly, is scheduled on the last day of the Show at 11.00 am.
The 8th edition of SIAB will be the stage setting for other topics of major current interest analysed by specialist  companies. IMQ will hold a seminar titled “CE mark and voluntary trademarks – machinery for food products” offering a complete panorama of evolution and the state of the art in CE marking for bakery machinery and ovens. The calendar includes two other meetings: the first on Tuesday 8 May at 11.00 am and the second, again on Tuesday, at 16.30 pm.
Setting up a reference control panel for certification of health and hygiene safety, on the other hand, is the objective of the convention titled “ISO 22000: 2005 Standard for health and hygiene safety management” organised by Bureau Veritas Italia SpA on Tuesday 8 at 14.00 pm.
A topic as up-to-date as never before such as sustainable energy, on the other hand, will be analysed by Larus during the convention titled “Sustainable Sources at SIAB: bread and ecological ovens”, held every day during the exhibition with two appointments: one at 11.00 am and the other at 15.00 pm; Padua University will focus on “Cold Technology: Deep-freezing”, Sunday 6 and Monday 7 at 14.30 pm.
Important space will also be dedicated to another topic of major current interest: coeliac disease. Monday 7, 13.00-14.00, the Italian Coeliac Association presents a convention titled “Good Bread and Pizza for Eveyone”. It will discuss out-of-home diet, suggest dietary indications and debate production of gluten-free bread and pasta.
The impressive calendar of conventions at SIAB especially includes an event organised by Reed Business Information on Saturday 14.30 and Tuesday 16.30 to present the new “design” of two of the leading magazines in the sector: “Il Panificatore Italiano” and “Il Pasticciere Italiano”, while Pizza New has chosen SIAB as the meeting place for the National ‘Pizzaioli’ Associations and the AGM on 7 May at 13.00 pm.
A very interesting research project titled “Bread and the Italians” will be presented in collaboration with Astra, with two appointments (Saturday 5 and Sunday 6 at 11.00 am), while IREKS will present on Saturday at 13.00 pm its book celebrating 150 years of activity by the Company.
Another convention of major current interest organised in collaboration with Assopanificatori and scheduled on Sunday at 11.00 am is titled “Innovations in the Bersani decree law for Italian bread”, while “Healthgrain Project – Using integral flours in bakery products: Techno-Food restrictions and opportunities within the scope of the European IP-Healthgrain Project” is the focus of the convention on Monday 7 May at 9.00 am.
Three conventions will be organised by Guazzetti & Associates titled “Taking the Techno-Bake Industry to Emerging Markets”. The first, on Sunday at 9.00 am, will focus on Brazil; India is the focus of the second appointment on Monday at 9.00 am, while Tuesday, again at 9.00 am, will analyse the Russian market.
Two conventions have been organised in collaboration with Informest: “Access to Italian credit lines by Serbian small-medium businesses for the purchase of Italian machines, technologies and services”, scheduled on Tuesday at 14.30 pm and Wednesday at 9.00 am.
Sunday 6, 13.00 pm: Bizerba will present the convention titled “Bread Ovens”, while Tecnopool will present company products on Monday at 13.00 pm.
Not-to-be-missed appointments include the daily business meetings with international delegations:
Turkey, Rumania, Czech Republic and Slovakia, Baltic countries and Russia, Croatia, Slovenia, Poland, Hungary, Ukraine, Kazakhstan, Morocco, Greece, Dubai and Saudi Arabia every day 9.00-14.00; South American countries (Brazil, Argentina, Mexico, Chile, El Salvador, Uruguay, Peru, Bolivia, Costa Rica and Panama) 10.00-15.00 every event day and, always from Saturday to Wednesday,  11.00-16.00 with Egypt, Tunisia and Jordan.

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