To kick off the holiday season, Sarpino’s USA is introducing its new Boursin Supreme Pizza, available for a limited time.

The new pizza features Sarpino USA’s made-from-scratch dough and hand-shredded signature cheese blend, along with Boursin cheese, EVOO, grilled chicken, basil, tomatoes and onions. Available now through November 30, the Boursin Supreme Pizza is available at all Sarpino’s USA locations in Illinois, Florida, Minnesota, Iowa, Missouri and Kansas.

“There is just something about Boursin cheese around the holidays,” said Rebecca Kroupa, Sarpino’s USA director of R&D and operations training. “It’s a staple of the season on so many family tables, and so we thought to ourselves: ‘How do we take that feeling and that flavor and put it on a pizza?’ Boursin is made from simple ingredients with no preservatives or unnatural additives. And its creamy yet crumbly texture and nice balance of garlic and herbs take pizza to a new level.”

A shot from above of a Boursin Supreme Pizza from Sarpino's USA.

Since entering the U.S. in 2002, delivery-focused Sarpino’s USA has grown to nearly 50 locations. The brand offers a menu with roots traced back to Calabria in Southern Italy and what Sarpino’s USA refers to as “a convenient, seamless, and technology driven customer experience.”

Sarpino’s USA offers more than 60 specialty and gourmet pizzas, about 20 calzones and 20 sandwiches, 12 pastas, 11 salads, three bone-in wing flavors and a variety of appetizers—plus an entirely separate vegan menu.

“The thing we love most about pizza is that it provides an open canvas for flavor, texture and fun,” said David Chatkin, president of Sarpino’s USA. “Derived from a traditional party dish, fromage frais, Boursin cheese combines savory herbs and rich flavors with creamy yet crumbly Gournay cheese—and it tastes absolutely amazing on our new Boursin Supreme Pizza. As the holidays kick off this year, we’re excited to celebrate the season with this new pizza that we know will be a hit on tables around the country.”

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