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Creator of Infamous ‘Pizzadilla’ Strikes Again With ‘Santa’s Little Dunker’

Both specialty pizzas are made with the same BBQ base.

A recipe video for the deep-fried BBQ chicken-stuffed Pizzadilla gave the internet heartburn this past summer. Twisted, the company behind that gargantuan pizza,  has struck again, this time with an added dose of holiday pizzazz.

The festive pie is called “Santa’s Little Dunker” and is described as “topped with everything you’d find on a Christmas table,” although whether one will find homemade BBQ sauce on any Christmas table is up for debate.

Santa’s Little Dunker features mozzarella cheese, pigs in blankets, pork-stuffed balls rolled with sage and onion, and chargrilled Brussels sprouts, and, finally, a giant, fluffy Yorkshire pudding smack-dab in middle. Last but not least, a pot of turkey gravy accompanies this pie; adventurous types can pour the gravy onto their pudding and then use it as a pizza dip.

Twisted even has this pizza available for order throughout the U.K. for £10.