Screenshot of Twisted Recipe Video
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Deep Fried BBQ Chicken Stuffed Pizza Gives the Internet a Heartburn

Over the weekend, a British food website created a recipe video so questionable the viewers felt ill.

Ever experienced secondhand heartburn? Twisted Food, based in the U.K., will give you the first-ever simulation just by watching a recipe video of the “Deep Fried BBQ Chicken Stuffed Pizzadilla.”

Be warned: there is always one more step than you’re prepared for.

Clearly, free healthcare has emboldened the British to venture out further than even the deep-fryer fanatics in the Deep South of the U.S.  The video posted nearly a month ago, yet the internet noticed the horror show this past weekend.

Food editor for People Magazine, Shay Spence, knocked back a few drinks for the liquid courage to tackle this montrosity. He live-tweeted his perlious journey that ended with disgust and disgrace.