Restaurant Hiring Plans Slow in 4Q

According to Nation’s Restaurant News, “Restaurant operators are still planning to add jobs in the fourth quarter, although not at the same pace as they did earlier this year, according to the latest People Report Workforce Index.”

“Economic uncertainty and shaky consumer confidence are reflected in restaurants’ hiring plans, said Michael Harms, senior business analyst for People Report, the Dallas-based firm that tracks human resources metrics for more than 100 restaurant chains. ‘Employers are being cautious,’ he said. ‘They are adding staff but cautiously. The index is mirroring what we’re seeing for the economy as a whole. There was a bump in 2010 and then a slowdown in the second half.’ The foodservice industry has added 104,000 jobs in the first nine months of this year, including 44,000 in the third quarter, according to the recently released PRWI. Among the more than 70 restaurant companies that were surveyed for the index, 43 percent plan to add hourly staff in the fourth quarter and only 10 percent planned to reduce staff. At the management level, 35 percent of companies plan to hire more supervisors, while 62 percent plan to hold management staff levels steady through the end of the year.

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