The Ramen Pizza from Pizza Hut Taiwan is inspired by Tonkotsu or pork-bone soup ramen.

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Ramen Noodle Pizza Delivers ‘Quick Moments of Joy’ to Taiwanese

It sounds like a meal designed with college students in mind: the new ramen noodles-and-pizza hybrid from Pizza Hut Taiwan.

Pizza Hut Taiwan collaborated with Menya Musashi, a popular ramen restaurant in Japan, to create the weird pizza innovation. Inspired by Tonkotsu or pork-bone soup ramen, it’s a pizza topped with thick ramen noodles, char siu roast pork slices, white sesame seeds, fresh chili peppers and a half-boiled egg as a centerpiece.

Green onions and bamboo shoots are served on the side.

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Pizza Hut Taiwan is far more willing to take risks than its American counterpart. It has also introduced pizza mashups like the Bubble Tea Pizza, the Stinky Tofu Pizza and a pizza topped with the notoriously foul-smelling but pleasant-tasting fruit, durian.

Lily Chou, Pizza Hut Taiwan’s marketing director, told CNN that its crazy pizza offerings are a nod to Taiwan’s love of Japanese culture—and the people’s need for relief from the everyday stress of their lives. “Taiwanese consumers live a high-pressure life with long working hours and [a] high cost of living,” she said. “The creative food scene has become an exciting and creative escape. Taiwanese are looking for quick moments of joy to relieve daily pressures.”

So should customers eat the pizza with chopsticks? “We welcome different innovative ways on how to consume our new ramen pizza,” Chou told CNN. “But definitely it’s the first ramen to be consumed by hand.”

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