If It’s Kangaroo You Crave, There’s a Pizza For You in Sydney, Australia

Got a craving for kangaroo on your pizza? Could you do with a bit of emu? According to TasteTalks.com, the hoppy marsupial and gawky bird make for a popular combination of meat toppings at pizzerias in Sydney, Australia.

TasteTalks.com recently issued a survey of weird pizza flavors from around the globe. “These pizzas … have definitely pushed the boundaries of the art of pizza,” the article’s author, Teresa Newsome Altomare, writes. “Some might make you gag, some might make you salivate—like art, it’s all subjective.”

True enough, but we’d rather not be subjected to the No. 1 item on the list—the Haggis Pizza, available at Cosmo’s Pizza in Scotland. A beloved Scottish delicacy, haggis is a type of savory pudding containing sheep organs, minced with oatmeal, onions and spices, that’s cooked inside the sheep’s belly. “It’s a pizza with heart,” Altomare writes. “And lungs. And liver.” Sorry, we just don’t have the stomach for that.

Then there’s No. 3, the Ring of Fortune from Pizza Hut Singapore, also known as the Crispy Cornflakes Pizza. Topped with golden pumpkin paste and taro, pineapple, diced barbecued chicken, pok chui and mushrooms, this pie features a cornflake-coated crust stuffed with three cheeses and is advertised as the pizza that brings good fortune when eaten in celebration of Chinese New Year.

The aforementioned No. 5, meanwhile, pairs kangaroo, emu meat and native Australian berries and peppers and offers “a real food adventure that you can get all over Sydney.” And seafood lovers may want to try the Mockba Pizza (No. 6), which is “all the rage in Russia.” Altomare describes mockba as “a pungent little cocktail of sardines, salmon, mackerel, tuna, onions and spices … It’s also a pizza topping staple, so you won’t have to go far to find it—in fact, you’ll probably be able to smell it from miles away.”

Other pizzas that made the list include: the Hamburger and Hot Dog Pizza, Japan (No. 2); the California Sushi Pizza, United States (No. 4); the Corn and Pea Pizza, Budapest (No. 7); the Steak and Potatoes Pizza, Korea (No. 8); the Ham, Banana, Pineapple and Curry Pizza, Sweden (No. 9); and the Sausage and Egg Pizza, Ireland (No. 10).