(Cherry Hill, NJ – March 20, 2007) – Puratos hosted their first in a series of Sourdough Seminars for industrial bakers on March 7, 2007, at the Hyatt Regency Philadelphia.  Sourdough and other artisanal breads are experiencing a surge in popularity, yet pose a challenge for the industrial baker due to the lengthy fermentation process and highly skilled labor required to produce an authentic sourdough. Participants at the seminar were impressed with a bread and wine tasting the evening of March 6. 
The March 7 seminar presented information about the intricacies of sourdough bread and revealed the secret to successful industrial production, tapping into the knowledge of renowned sourdough experts from Puratos and prestigious European and Canadian universities. Seminar topics included:

  • Sourdough biochemistry
  • Sourdoughs from around the world
  • Sourdough biodiversity
  • Powder sourdoughs and liquid sourdoughs
  • Industrial sourdough production

Industrial bakers can now recreate the old-world flavor of authentic sourdough breads in less time and without the extensive skilled labor. Puratos introduces new Sapore sourdoughs that slip easily into the production cycle, creating sourdough bread. The right starter enables bakers to stamp sourdough breads with their own unique, signature taste and flavor while saving time and retaining a clean label.
“Large bakeries are looking for differentiation while smaller bakeries are looking for convenience and superior products. Puratos ready-to-use sourdoughs answer the demands of both audiences,” said Christophe Dewilde, Business Develop Manager – Flavors, Puratos.
Puratos also demonstrates its commitment to the U.S. baking industry with the construction of a new sourdough facility, only the second of its kind. The company constructed its first plant in Belgium.
“We’re investing in this particular area in response to the main consumer trends,” said Karel Zimmermann, President of Puratos USA. “We can add value to our customers’ new product development efforts by bringing an international flair to the U.S. market. This allows us to help our customers develop a clear point of differentiation. A technical facility and dedicated staff will assist them with every step of the process.”
Dewilde added, “By building a new facility and bringing technical support to the U.S., we emphasize the interests of those flavors in North America. Flavors from around the world are not so far away . . . anymore.”
Puratos plans a comprehensive schedule of sourdough seminars throughout the rest of 2007. The next seminar is slated for the Boston, MA, area on April 18, followed by Chicago, IL, Los Angeles, CA and Portland, OR, to name a few.
The World of Sapore includes all-natural fermented sourdough and sponge in either powder or liquid form that enables the creation of exquisite breads with authentic flavors that are typical to Italy, France, Germany and the USA. These fermentation ingredients are all easy to use and deliver a unique taste and flavor for applications ranging from multigrain or rye breads to a traditional San Francisco style sourdough.
To Enter the World of Sapore please contact:
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Email: infous@puratos.com
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