Partner Spotlights

Product Spotlight – September 2013

Fidelity Communications
This phone system that pairs perfectly with pizza! Fidelity Communications, a leader in QSR phone systems for more than 25 years, offers the new, low-priced Synapse phone system with call queuing and message-on-hold features. Built to last, the system enables employees to clearly hear and communicate with callers. 800-683-5600,

New from CTX, the DZ33I Split Belt Oven’s structure allows ovens to be double- and even triple-stacked, all with split-belt capabilities, which means six different speeds for creating huge menu flexibility for all restaurant owners. The oven reduces idle time by changing speeds and temperatures and minimizes wait time for the customer. Its long-range infrared technology allows for a more even and consistent cook on all products. 847-429-7756,

Delta Range
Delta Range builds excellent and affordable pizza deck ovens, plus a full line of ranges, griddles, charbroilers, refrigerated displays, walk-in coolers and deli cases. With its all-in-one “cook station,” currently in development, Delta Range will be the only company to offer a range with burners, griddle, charbroiler and fryer in the top section and two ovens underneath. This range, which will have a smaller hood, could save operators thousands of dollars and will be available next year. 800-607-0450,

Lillsun Pizza Peels
Lillsun has manufactured pizza peels for 62 years. Every peel is made of high-grade, well-seasoned hardwood and manufactured in the United States. Lightweight, durable and easy to use, Lillsun peels come in many different styles and sizes, from make-up peels used to assemble the pie before it goes into the oven to several styles of take-out peels. Lillsun has peels for every type of pizzeria and every type of oven, and the company is a proud sponsor of the U.S. Pizza Team! 260-356-6514,

Online ordering is the fastest-growing segment within the restaurant industry. With RedShift’s voice recognition technology, customers can simply speak their order into your mobile app, and the transaction is completed in seconds. Voice-enabling your mobile app increases the customer experience within your target market, resulting in increased online revenue. 720-884-6853,