Liquor Without the Alcohol

No liquor license is required for ArKay Beverages, which taste and smell exactly like hard liquor—without the alcohol and calories. The beverages are a great choice for customers who want to enjoy the taste of alcohol minus the side effects. 855-416-2565,


Straight From the Farm

River Point Farms offers a variety of whole and fresh cut onions. Their onions are single-source, traceable to the farm and available 365 days a year. River Point Farms specializes in putting together supply programs that fit every customer’s needs. 541-567-4781,


Can’t-Miss Signage

Attaching the Guerilla Pole to your pizzeria’s exterior signage increases exposure to drive-by traffic and calls positive attention to your restaurant, eliminating the need for sign spinners. The add-on allows your sign to be easily seen and read properly from a distance. 805-528-5018,


Old-World Dough

DeIorio’s Premio Pizza Dough is made with finely ground, high-protein 00 flour, producing a supple, pleasant dough that yields a crispier crust. Deep-frozen to preserve freshness and flavor, the dough provides consistency and cost savings while delivering authentic Italian texture and taste. 800 649-7612,


Stay Covered 

M&Q Plastic Products, the maker of PanSaver Ovenable Pan Liners, recently introduced Ovenable PanCovers, which fit easily and tightly over pans to lock in food moisture. Also ideal for transporting and storing, the covers allow pans to be stacked, saving space in your refrigerator. 877-726-7287,


The Ideal Blend

Family-owned and operated since 1976, California Blending specializes in confidential custom blending and private labeling of herbs and spices, offering personalized service and high quality for businesses large or small. Specialties include pizza spices, dough mixes and steak salts. All orders are processed and shipped in seven days. 626-448-1918,



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