Grandé Fior•di•Latte

Grandé Fior•di•Latte is a fresh mozzarella unlike any other. Grandé’s passion is to showcase the flavor and beauty of its fresh milk, accented nicely with light, cultured dairy flavors developed through traditional cheese making. Grandé Fior•di•Latte is clean, light, fresh and milky, with a little culture to balance and a touch of sea salt to finish. 800-847-2633,

Fresh Origins

Packed with nutrients and texture, Fresh Origins Squash Blossoms are vibrant, golden blossoms with outstanding versatility. Prepare your pizza dough, then press each blossom artfully into place, or sauté them in olive oil and use as a centerpiece topping that bakes beautifully with your other ingredients, adding dimension, taste and color. Fresh Origins also offers other artisan microgreens and edible flowers. 760-736-4072,

Forza Forni

The Forza Forni Mobile Oven Series includes the Caterer Duo and Quattro. You can bake more than 80 pizzas an hour at peak production. Preheat time is one hour. In terms of work and storage space, twin stainless-steel storage doors double as sturdy worktables. Additional storage space below fits firewood, dough boxes, tools and more. Built on a heavy-duty aluminum frame, they can be towed with most mid-range and larger SUVs. 844-683-6462,

Mama LaRosa Foods

Mama LaRosa Foods offers innovative and convenient packaging. Pizza and bread dough are individually wrapped in a sealed breathable bag to ensure an easy-proof process. The individual packaging will save you time, labor and the hassle of using a proof box or proofing at room temperature. Dough balls are ready to use directly out of the cooler after thawing 24 hours—no additional steps are needed! 734-946-7878,

The Vegan Meat Cookbook

Bestselling author Miyoko Schinner, hailed by VegNews as the “vegan cheese queen,” has penned a new cookbook featuring more than 100 people-pleasing meals featuring vegan meat. The Vegan Meat Cookbook covers everything from comfort food classics and speedy weeknight dinners to global flavors and showstoppers as well as recipes for do-it-yourself vegan meats and cheeses. Available on Amazon, Barnes & Noble and other retail sites


Mobivity SmartReceipt transforms ordinary receipts into a rich and dynamic guest engagement platform. SmartReceipt uses POS data captured for every order to print an engaging message with a personalized offer for every guest based on their purchase. You can convert ordinary to-go box receipts into a first-party, revenue-building marketing channel while boosting average ticket spends. 877-282-7660,


There are many exciting ways to utilize Nutella within the pizza segment. Dessert pizzas, for example, are a perfect fit. Dessert pizzas featuring Nutella have increased 28.6% on restaurant menus in the past two years. You can offer additional fruit toppings for unique dessert pizzas and wow customers with a delicious treat. For a recipe and to learn more about Nutella, visit 800-408-1505

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