Partner Spotlights

Product Spotlight – January/February 2014

All Slices Created Equal

With the No HandL Portion PadL, the first equal-slice cutting guide and display case serving platter, pizzeria operators can cut equally sized pizza slices every time. It’s simple to use—simply center the pizza inside the circle and cut through the grooves. Never again will you have to pull the slices apart with your hands. Even better, equal slices mean less food waste, more sales and higher profits. 330-608-5928,


The Superior Pizza Flour

Contadino Neapolitan Style Pizza Flour is made from select North American wheat with the optimal protein content milled to silky perfection. The resulting highly extensible dough is perfect for creating authentic Neapolitan-style or brick oven thin-crust pizza. 800-553-5687,


Hot and Ready

RediHEAT manufactures high-quality and sturdy five- and 10-pie bags, with each bag featuring a metal wire frame. A RediHEAT bag provides operators with extra confidence for large catering orders, and the heated bags are sold worldwide. 888-556-2024,


The Perfect Bake

Picard Ovens offers a perfect solution for your pizzeria’s production: The Spitfire Hybrid Pizza Oven. Newly updated, the Spitfire oven boasts seven baking stone shelves with 14- or 21-pizza capacity. Spitfire’s maximum temperature of 575°F and the gentle AeroMax air-circulating system assure superb top baking without drying. 800-668-1883,


Fantastic Flatbreads

The new BONICI Flatbread is ideal for pizzas, sandwiches, salads, pastas, dips and appetizers. All BONICI products are a part of the Tyson Food Service portfolio; the company offers top-notch quality and value for operators to increase menu options—all from one trusted brand. 800-248-9766,


Building a Name

Name building can be tricky and sometimes expensive, but Wristband Connection can help your pizzeria get the most exposure for the least amount of money in creative ways. The company’s top-quality, nonallergenic wristbands are worn by millions, and the company will even show you how to keep your campaign going and growing at no cost to you. 800-451-9711,