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Product Spotlight – December 2014


Get Accessorized

With Banner Marketing Group, you can purchase food and beverage tabletop accessories, both stock and custom-designed, directly from the factory in the United States without going through a wholesale distributor or supplier. Banner offers low prices and the newest designed products available. 805-528-5018, bannermarketinggroup.com


The Perfect Delivery

Delivery Bags Depot offers delivery bags to fit a pizzeria’s every need. All products are constructed with premier 600 Denier PVC materials with nylon lining for durability and heat retention. Whether you’re delivering a hot pie, sandwiches or a catering order, Delivery Bags Depot can help you make the perfect delivery. 844-468-2247, deliverybagsdepot.com


Learning From McDonald’s

In his newest book, Please, McDonald’s, Do a REAL Fix This Time, former restaurant executive and pizzeria consultant John Correll explains why McDonald’s has been struggling with disappointing U.S. sales since 2000. Then he provides a powerful, creative solution that any pizza company can use to avoid or resolve similar problems. For a copy of this easy-read book, visit amazon.com.


Meat-Free Neat

Neat offers all-natural, pecan-based, soy- and gluten-free meat replacement products for pizzerias that offer meat-free menu items. Flavors include Italian Mix, Mexican Mix, Breakfast Mix and Original Mix, plus the Neat Egg, a 100% vegan egg made from chia seeds and garbanzo beans. Neat’s mixes are perfect for meat-free meatballs, vegan pizzas, burgers, tacos and more. 866-637-6328, eatneat.com


48-Hour Financing 

If you need refrigeration or new ovens but can’t finance the purchase without tons of paperwork, TVT Capital, LLC, offers a solution. There’s no credit check, and 48-hour funding is available. Just provide the last four months of your current bank statements. 917-885-4554 (Ken) or 516-761-1401 (Andrew), klfellus@yahoo.com


The Pouch Advantage

The new Escalon 6-in-1 All-Purpose Ground Tomatoes and Bella Rossa Pizza Sauce With Basil now come in convenient #10 pouches. You’ll get the same fresh taste, texture and performance of Escalon’s regular products while reducing bulky kitchen waste and eliminating injuries from can openers and sharp can edges. 888-372-2566, heinzfoodservice.com/escalon-pouch