President Bush to attend daughter Jenna’s wedding despite no pizza

According to a blog at, “President Bush left the White House Thursday. Laura Bush was already in Texas. Virtually everyone in one of the most pervasive political clans in modern American times is gathering in Crawford at this hour for the very private wedding Saturday evening of Henry Hagernd Jenna Bush (the blond one).”

“As The Ticket noted not that long ago, unless they’re hawking a book or something, the Bush twins (each named for one grandmother) have an aversion to the public political life. The couple haven’t even announced their secret honeymoon location. So hundreds of photographers with long lenses and squadrons of rented helicopters have no idea where to hover. We do know the about-to-be newlyweds have purchased a townhouse in Baltimore,” said the blog. “So there will be virtually no news coverage of the outdoor evening wedding (timed to avoid the central Texas heat, even in May).White House officials hinted there may be a few
photos of the couple released, but probably not until Mother’s Day. Which will get them better play on a slow news day. So don’t wait up. However, the big outstanding question about the non-White House wedding concerns pizza. A Pizza Hut spokesman has officially confirmed through diplomatic channels that the company’s offer to help cater the wedding of the First Twin Daughters’ first marriage is sincere. Publicity stunt? Who would think of such a thing?”

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