We start our Pizza Roundup tour with two dudes on a roadtrip to find the best frozen pizza in America. Now we don't think these guys were at all inebriated, but pizza is a favorite food among stoners and 4/20–Marijuana Monday–was celebrated in style by the munchies crowd at Pizza of Venice in LA..

Talk about a bad trip! The cheese supplier to the pizza chain giants enacted a new animal protection policy after a New Mexico dairy was caught by secret video mistreating bovines. That story is enough to break your heart–unless you're a pizza-delivering robocop in San Jose–running on microchips instead of organs. The robot did save a potential suicide victim, so that's heart-warming. Not so nice was this Indiana softball coach's tweet threatening to start a bon fire at gay wedding-averse Memories Pizza.

In big industry business news, Domino's has been on a skyrocketing sales streak and the CEO let's us know why "keep it simple" is the key to clobbering McDonald's. Finally, Scranton, Pennsylvania, is the kind of home town where your local pizzeria will do what's right and support the neighborhood Autism center.

New Pizzerias

This Bambino's has nothing to do with baseball–it's about the best pizza in Las Vegas and the close-knit Italian family who have taken over the classic old-school pizzeria.    

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