According to a news report from, “Tom Kelley has often popped into Vitale’s Pizza for a cool treat. But now that the pizzeria’s ice cream parlor has closed, he’ll have to accept a treat with a head on it.”

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“On Tuesday afternoon, Vitale’s Pizza will start serving beer and wine, ending nearly a century without alcohol sales in the 5,532-population community,” said the story. “Last November, Zeeland voted 1,425-1,385 to rescind the ban. In 1989, city voters rejected a similar effort by a four-to-one margin. Last week, Hudsonville voted 928-735 to repeal its 18-year-old ban on alcohol sales, ending its status as the last dry city in Michigan. The city had upheld the ban in 2000 and 2002. The push to repeal in Zeeland came with support from the business community, led by the group Focus Forward on Zeeland’s Future.”

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