Pizzeria server charged with forging $10 tip on receipt

According to a news report from, “An alleged attempt to snag an extra $10 has a Cool Springs server facing a felony forgery charge, Franklin Police said.”

“Maya Dikhtyar, 20, of Brentwood, was arrested after a customer at Pie in the Sky pizzeria on Galleria Boulevard reported that a $10 tip had been added to her sales receipt late last month,” said the story. “The customer left a cash tip on the table and paid for her family’s meal with a credit card on July 28, said Franklin Detective Jeffrey Rowe.”

“The victim was reconciling her checkbook when she noticed the discrepancy,” Rowe said. “This is a family with four children, and going out to eat is a big deal for them. They were willing to put forth the time necessary to prosecute this,” according to the story.

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