According to an article from, “The owner of a pizza parlor located in the Franklin, Massachusettes, Center Commons construction site is seeking nearly $80,000 in damages from his landlord, project developer John Marini, according to a lawsuit filed in Norfolk Superior Court.”

The report said, “The proprietor, Bechara “Bash” Fren of Franklin Pizza & Deli, claims Marini made false promises in an effort to garner support for the East Central Street project, then took away parking and broke an agreement to move his restaurant to a new building.”

In the article, Fren was quoted as saying, “I believe he’s trying to put the pressure on us just to give up,” referring to the fact that he took away the back pizza shop parking lot for his construction project. Bash said Marini temporarily let him use a parking lot across the street, but then told him he couldn’t use it any more and never said specifically why.

“He has a lot of money and thinks he can control the whole town,” Fren said.

The article stated: “Marini declined to comment on the lawsuit. At a Planning Board meeting Monday, he referred to Fren, saying, “I had a tiff with him.” Marini did not elaborate, but later asked the board for permission to change his construction schedule because of existing tenants in a building that needs to be demolished for the the project’s next step.”

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