""JCOnline.com reports, “In the bustling cafeteria at Miller Elementary School in Lafayette, third-grade student Jovan Robinson folded his slice of pizza in half and ate it as a sandwich. He couldn’t get enough of it. Not surprisingly, pizza is one of his favorite foods along with yogurt, chicken nuggets and chicken strips.”

“But do vegetables cause him to salivate? ‘Not really,’ said the 9-year-old. ‘I’m not a vegetable eater, except (for) corn.’ Although Congress recently passed an agriculture appropriations bill that continues to recognize pizza sauce and French fries as vegetable servings in school lunches, local dietitians and nutrition experts say Congress missed an opportunity to improve the nutrition of school lunches. ‘The tomato sauce is such a small component of the pizza overall,’ said Chris Schaub, a registered dietitian at Indiana University Health Arnett. ‘Pizza within itself is very high in sodium and very high in fat. You are not going to gain any benefit from pizza sauce with the amount of fat and sodium in a typical slice of pizza.’”

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