“Newsflash: people like pizza. A lot. Maybe more now than ever. According to a recent poll by the food industry research group Technomic, 41 percent of consumers say they’re now gobbling up a slice or two at least once a week, compared to 26 percent just two years ago—a new stat that’s sure to please all the proprietors of pizza parlors in the District. And there are plenty,” according to Washington CityPaper.com Young & Hungry Blog.

“Literally, as I type this, another one is opening: Fuel Pizza, the North Carolina-based New York-style pie chain, was scheduled to unlock the doors to its second D.C. location in Penn Quarter. The first 50 people in line have been promised free food for a year. Last week saw at least two other additions to the city’s rapidly expanding savory pie sector: La Forchetta in Wesley Heights and Pizzaro in Shaw. More are on the way. This includes nomadic pizzaiolo Edan MacQuaid’s forthcoming wood-fired oven joint on 14th Street.”

“For a guy who snacked on two different pies on Monday alone, Y&H finds it hard to argue with all this mounting evidence of a continuing pizza boom with no clear end in sight. In an interview with the Huffington Post, George Mason econ prof and prolific food blogger Tyler Cowen points to pizza as one of the two most “dynamic sectors” of D.C.’s developing food scene. The other is burgers.”

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