Pizza-Related Claims Ruined 30-Minute Delivery!

“If you want to know why the ’30 minutes or it’s free’ guarantee that pizz chains used to promise is gone, blame it on people like Craig Simpkins, a risk services consultant with Fireman’s Fund, reports Fox Business. Simpkins likes pizza as much as anyone. But he and other property casualty insurance employees have forced chains like Domino’s to take down their 30-minute guarantee signs because drivers tended to put the pedal to the metal, making them more dangerous.”

“Now, a checklist has replaced the fast-delivery guarantees. Pizza managers insured by Fireman’s Fund have to do a twice-yearly inspection of vehicles (including tires, brakes and lights) and drivers. A driver’s license, registration and insurance are checked, along with driving records. Some companies even give defensive driving courses and shadow their drivers on deliveries to make sure the drivers are handling the wheel responsibly. There’s a big incentive for pizza parlors to comply with these rules. Each restaurant is carrying about $1 million worth of liability coverage, Simpkins says.”