According to a news report from, “It was not your average night at the ballpark for Michael Rice and Shannon Boudreau, and it was far from your average Papa Gino’s pizza either.”

“Rice, of Auburn, proposed to Boudreau, of Worcester, from Section I (row 4 seat 3) during the Papa Gino’s Pizza Scream (a Tornadoes between-inning promotion in which a lucky fan is given a complimentary Papa Gino’s pizza by popular Tornadoes MC Peterman) on Friday night, July 6th. Rice approached the Tornadoes staff to see if there was any way he could incorporate the proposal into the game. The staff cut a hole in the bottom of the Papa Gino’s Box, and when Peterman approached Rice’s section, he screamed for the pizza. Peterman handed Rice the box, he stuck his hand (with ring) into the bottom of the box, and had his girlfriend open it. Of course, she said yes!” according to the story.

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