With the addition of a brand new selection of gourmet menu items, The Pizza Pipeline has decided to take part in the kickoff toward better eating habits that has taken America by storm. Health officials in other states have already started to ban the use of artificial trans-fats, which often appear in processed foods like cookies, crackers and pizza dough, but The Pizza Pipeline is getting a head start on better health.
Trans fats are the worst kinds of fats as they are created in a processes called partial hydrogenation which is used to expand the shelf of cooking oil, but is linked to high cholesterol and obesity.
The restaurant offers a selection of 25 toppings, 8 unique sauces, sub sandwiches along with an array of side items such as chicken wings, Chicken Bites®, and their famous Tricky Stix®, none of which have trans fats. The Pizza Pipeline believes this move will help fight high cholesterol and obesity.

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