DALLAS, May 24 PRNewswire — Pizza Patron, the premier Latino pizza brand which raised international media attention with its “Pizza por Pesos(TM)” campaign, announced today that it signed local Dallas Jet Ski Racer,

Freddy Vaca, for the 2007 APBA (American Power Boat Association) U.S. Watercross National Tour. Vaca will pilot the new “Patron Racing” Yamaha and Kawasaki race crafts powered by

Judge Motor Sports, Inc., the company founded by legendary racer

Tim Judge.

The newly formed strategic partnership between

Freddy Vaca and Pizza Patron will not be limited to the sport of Jet Ski racing, but will also include various local and nationally recognized community events in Texas and throughout the U.S. “I am very excited about the opportunity to align myself with such a prestigious organization that is doing amazing things in the Hispanic community and stands behind its commitment” says Vaca. Most recently, Vaca and Pizza Patron hosted a DISD (Dallas Independent School District) career day with over 500 5th graders in attendance. “If I can encourage just one child, then I have done my part. It is our job as role models and individuals to help shape our youth and show them the meaning of opportunity and what can be accomplished in life”.

This endorsement marks the first time that Pizza Patron has aligned itself with a public figure of any kind. Both parties share a similar vision for the Latino-Hispano community and together form a very complimentary relationship.

“Teaming up with Freddy was an easy decision for us,” said

Andrew Gamm, director of Brand Development for Pizza Patron. “He is a world-class talent with a strong passion for the community so we are thrilled to have him as a partner.”

For the last three years in a row, Vaca has finished in the top three at national events and is currently the only Hispanic racer on tour.

About Pizza Patron

Pizza Patron was founded by Antonio Swad in 1986. Since franchising began in March 2003, the brand has gone from four locations in Dallas to 65 in five states, with more than 40 under development. Pizza Patron features fun and festive pizza stores that are community-based in Spanish-speaking or predominately Hispanic neighborhoods. In 2006 Pizza Patron successfully introduced new products like Patron Dippers(TM) and Fiesta Wings(TM), and rolled-out their “Lista(R)” (ready now) pizza program nationally. In addition, Pizza Patron has developed a dine-in store model, the Pizza Patron Rapidito (airports/malls) model, the “Tiendita” (portable mini-store extension) and their “Lista(R)” Drive-thru concept. All pizza dough is made fresh throughout the evening; no preservatives are added or needed. The sauce is prepared fresh in the stores from crushed Roma tomatoes and only 100% mozzarella is used. Whole and half pizzas are offered at prices as low as $4.99 for a large pizza with cheese and one topping and $3.49 for the same half pizza. A large ‘La Patrona’ pizza with everything is only $7.99. For more information, visit http://www.pizzapatron.com.

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