Pizza Means Freedom for U.S.Journalists Freed by North Korea

According to a news report from the Associated Press, “Two U.S. journalists freed this week by North Korea are enjoying the taste of freedom after four months in captivity, and that taste is pizza, according to the sister of one of the women.”

“Lisa Ling said former captives Euna Lee and her sister Laura began their convalescence by tucking into a slice, after winning their freedom thanks to a high-profile diplomatic mission involving former US president Bill Clinton.”

“‘Laura and Euna had their first pizza. And they just really sort of delighted in it,’ Lisa Ling told NBC television.”

“Laura Ling, who suffers from stomach ulcers, had survived on a prison diet of three small meals per day — consisting mainly of rice, small amounts of vegetables and fried fish, Lisa Ling had told CNN on Thursday.They are the first details to emerge from the women’s 140-day imprisonment in the nuclear-armed hermit state.Their ordeal ended in dramatic fashion on Wednesday when Ling, 32, and Lee, 36, arrived back in California with Clinton on a private jet.In March, the two were captured and later sentenced to 12 years hard labor for illegal entry and “hostile acts” before they were pardoned by North Korean leader Kim Jong-Il.Lisa Ling told CNN Thursday her sister and Lee had crossed into North Korea ‘very, very briefly’ before they were arrested,” the story said.