Pizza Industry Spokesman To “TOUR” Denver, Colorado

""St. Petersburg, Fla., August 2011–Health, Fitness, and Pizza Guru Matt McClellan to appear at MyPIE Pizzeria on August 18, 2011 at 2pm. McClellan will be in Denver promoting his upcoming ING NYC Marathon on behalf of Lance Armstrong’s LIVESTRONG Foundation.  McClellan selected MyPIE Pizzeria in Wheatridge, Colorado to host his Press Conference because of their commitment to promoting a healthy lifestyle through pizza and cycling.  This is a public service event to educate, inspire, and motivate people to get healthy with America’s favorite food! 

In July, 2009 McClellan created a 30 Day Pizza Diet in which he lost 24 lbs in 30 days. He ate 1 slice every three hours and changed the nutritional value of each slice to obtain a balanced diet.  McClellan also exercised 1 hour per day and used 1 component of a Triathlon to get healthy. (Swimming, Cycling, Running)

In June, 2010 McClellan created TOUR DE PIZZA 2010, a 1,300mile, 22 city, bike ride from Florida to New York City to deliver his message that pizza is NOT a junk food.  Upon the completion of the Tour De Pizza 2010, McClellan became the face of the Pizza Industry and has committed his career to “changing the image of pizza worldwide from a junk food to a health food”.

On November 6, 2011 McClellan will compete in the ING NYC Marathon on the LIVESTRONG FOUNDATION TEAM to show the performance aspect of his world famous pizza diet.  He is currently on a 12 week pizza diet.

This “Tour” is being dedicated to the Lance Armstrong’s LIVESTRONG Foundation.

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