Pizza Hut Sales Rise Last Quarter

According to a story from Business Day, “A recessionary trend of families staying at home and ordering in a pizza appears to be paying off for fast-food group Restaurant Brands”

“The company reported today that same-store sales at its Pizza Hut chain rose in the last quarter for the first time in about four years. The brand has suffered from intense competition from the likes of Domino’s and has watched sales at Pizza Hut shrink rapidly month by month. But Restaurant Brands’ chief executive Russel Creedy said the continuing focus on consistent in-store operations and the recent changes to marketing programs and new product offerings had all contributed to a return to positive sales growth in the 12 weeks to May 25. Same-store sales at Pizza Hut were up 5.2 percent to $15.5 million. This contributed to a strong 6.5 percent rise to $72.5 million for same-store sales across the Restaurant Brands group,” said the story.