Pizza Hut rolls out nationwide mobile ordering

According to a news report on, “Pizza Hut has deployed a mobile ordering system that ratchets up the competition in the industry’s battle to sell more pizzas using the latest technology.”

“The unit of Yum Brands Inc this week introduced new cell phone services that let customers order from any of its 6,200 outlets nationwide via text message or the mobile Web,” said the story. “All the top U.S. pizza delivery chains — Domino’s Pizza Inc, Pizza Hut and Papa John’s International Inc — have invested in online and mobile ordering as a way to boost sales in one of the restaurant industry’s most competitive segments. “We wanted to provide maximum accessibility,” Bernard Acoca, Pizza Hut’s director of digital marketing, said on Wednesday. “We have a core group of customers that is very tech savvy. They use their phones for everything … We want to be where the consumers are.” Within five years, Pizza Hut aims to earn half its revenue from orders placed via computers and mobile phones, he said.

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