(Press Release) Santa Clarita, CA, January 11, 2013–ABC Mobile Pay, one of the country's leading providers of mobile Point of Sale solutions, likes what they see in Pizza Hut's new mobile incentive program.  The program features a mobile banner ad that reads, "Get the $10 Any. Add Breadsticks and Pepsi For Just $5 More."


"This is a great example of a company getting out in front on the integration of mobile strategies into their overall internet and brick and mortar presence," noted Rick Berry, CEO of ABC Mobile Pay, a Santa Clarita, California based leading provider of mobile Point of Sale Solutions.  "A mobile campaign such as this is a great way for the pizza giant to reach consumers on a device they always carry."


Consumers are encouraged to tap on the ad to order their meal via their mobile device.  But more than just a banner ad campaign, the Pizza Hut initiative includes location-based technology that helps consumers locate the nearest Pizza Hut location and browse useful information such as maps and how far away it is.  Furthermore, there is a click-to-call capability that lets users get in touch with a Pizza Hut location.


"Increasingly, we're seeing retailers and restaurants using the full dimensionality of mobile to augment their business in innovative ways," said Berry.  Restaurants are rolling out interactive digital menus with images, features such as those enabling a patron or server to add new ingredients to favorite dishes, menu management, customer engagement enabling customers to rate the dishes and add new recipes and much more.”.  “Retailers are taking advantage of features such as ‘Geo-fencing’. When a retailer uses this technology they instantly know when a customer arrives via the GPS in the phone. Consumers check prices by scanning product bar codes and QR codes, they can save time by scanning store items with their iPhone device and bagging them while they shop and more.”


This is not the first time Pizza Hut has launched a mobile campaign.  A year ago the pizza giant ran a targeted mobile campaign which carried with it incentives for customers to order through their handsets.   The new campaign is a more sophisticated follow-on to that initiative of a year ago.


"It's important for mobile ads like this to be succinct, and clear on the call to action — both of which have been addressed in the Pizza Hut ad," Berry noted.  "Once the consumer clicks, he goes to a well organized mobile-optimized site that enables GPS functionality and other features that enhance the user experience.    This is the right idea, and has the potential to become a template not just for Pizza Hut, but for the entirety of the Quick Serve Restaurant segment."

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