According to a news report from, “working from the city-owned mobile command center, Detective Antonio Resende and Detective Sgt. Troy Spirlet of the New Bedford Police Department Firearms Bureau wrapped up the guns for pizza exchange at Buttonwood Park Sunday afternoon by collecting a total of 43 firearms.”

“We’re happy with that. We’re happy with one firearm,” Sgt. Spirlet said.

“For every firearm brought in, the Police Department handed over $35 in Domino’s Pizza gift certificates.” the article said. “Nelson Hockert-Lotz, proprietor of a number of Domino’s Pizza parlors, provided all the gift certificates for the exchange at his own expense.”

“We’ve collected rifles, handguns, shotguns and revolvers, and one or two boxes of ammo with each firearm,” Sgt. Spirlet said. “Last year we did this for five days, and this time we collected the same number of guns in three.”

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