WHAT:                        Pizza All-Stars 2007

                                 Tuesday, August 28

                                 Frontier Field

                                 Rochester, NY

Pizza Vendors from the entire Northeast Region are invited to participate in Pizza All-Stars in Rochester, N.Y.  It’s a one-day event with proceeds benefiting the ALS Association of Upstate NY to fight Lou Gehrig’s Disease.

Pizza All-Stars will take place on the covered 3rd-Base concourse and Walk of Fame at Frontier Field, rain or shine.  It will be the biggest pizza-tasting event in Rochester history, with 30-50 pizza vendors from Rochester and the entire Northeast United States.  People will purchase food tickets, which allow them to sample slices from each of the vendors. Everyone will receive a ballot upon entering, and the results will count toward People’s Choice Awards for various categories.  A panel will judge entries by each pizza vendor, as well, to name the Best Overall Pizza.  The winner may represent the Northeast Region of the United States at PMQ Magazine’s American Pizza Championships.

WHO:                         We expect 30-50 pizzaiolo.

                                 We anticipate a crowd exceeding 2,000 pizza lovers.

                                 A well-respected comedian will host the event. (Name to be announced later)

                                 Acrobatic demonstration by Patt Miller & Casey Cole, U.S. Pizza Team.

                                 Musical Entertainment by The East Rochester All-Stars Party Band.


WHEN:                       August 28, 2007

                                Happy Hour:     5 p.m. – 6 p.m.

                               Serving:            5:30 p.m. – 9:30 p.m.


EVENTS:                     Best Overall Pizza

                                People’s Choice Awards for Best Sauce, Best Crust, Best Toppings, etc.

                                Fastest Dough

                                Biggest Dough


                                Pizza Delivery Relay

                                Bobbing for Pepperoni

                                Pizza Trivia

                                Pizza Eating Contest


DEFENDING CHAMP:   Guida’s Pizzeria (2005 Pizza Wars) defeated Nino’s Pizzeria by 2 votes.

VENDOR ENTRY FEE:  $125 per 8 ft. table. (Deposit of $125 due July 31)

                            Vendors may choose to donate all product costs to the ALS Assoc. or request a refund of 20 cents per ticket.

VENDOR OPERATIONS:  No cooking on premises.  All pizzas are delivered to the venue. 

                               “Delivery Row”  will be established along Morrie Silver Way.  No

                               Electricity is provided (electrical access available, $25 extra).  Vendor Tables must be staffed at all times                                         (exceptions permitted for event participation). 

                               Pizza Samples:  All slices must conform to these size specifications:

                               Wedges must be at least 2 in. wide along the crust edge.

                               Squares must be at least 3 in. in width and length.

                               Be prepared to serve a minimum of 800 slices.  If possible, make arrangements to serve more. 

ADMISSION:              $6 adults and children, infants and toddlers free. Free Parking in Red Wings’ VIP lot.

SPONSORS:               Rochester Red Wings

                              U.S. Pizza Team

                              Plasma Art Designs – Awards and Recognition (custom pizza peel)

                              Media Sponsors (to be named later)                                          


ORGANIZERS:            Gleason Public Relations, Rochester, N.Y.  Kerry Gleason has previous experience organizing publicity and media tours for Wendy’s Clara Peller, plus events that include USA for Africa, America’s Cup, the AT&T Olympic Torch Relay, national Hit, Run and Throw Competition and the largest single event ever in the state of Hawaii, a sold-out Aloha Stadium concert where 200,000 people saw Frank Sinatra sing in the twilight of his career.  In 2003, he initiated the Tuesday Night Supper Clubs in Rochester and Buffalo, and hosted more than 75 events, including Pizza Wars in 2005.

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