Papas Pizzeria Offers Real World Prizes for Gamers

Tuesday, 9 March 2010 – X2 Games, the wholly owned publishing subsidiary of award-winning UK developer Exient Ltd, has announced that the pizza redemption mechanic for their iPhone title Papa’s Pizzeria has passed the final testing phases and is now incorporated within the game.

The new mechanic gives players the opportunity to redeem in-game codes for real world prizes when they place an order with Papa John’s Pizza, allowing consumers to not only create Papa John’s pizzas but enjoy the taste as well.

David Hawkins, X2 Games CEO, states:“It was very important to us that Papa’s Pizzeria delivered on the consumer experience people have come to expect when dealing with Papa Johns, and by having these real world redemption offers in the game we think we’ve achieved that.

“The idea of in-game currency isn’t new, but the chance to actually redeem against something tangible is certainly something different for the iPhone market, and offers a unique way for FMCG brands to interact with their consumer base”.

Andrew Gallagher, Senior Marketing Manager for Papa John’s GB Ltd, added:“A great customer experience is at the heart of what we do at Papa John’s Pizza. Now Papa’s Pizzeria gives us the opportunity to take the brand to a new audience of tech savvy iPhone consumers in a fun and rewarding way. By offering the redemption mechanic we are showing our commitment to this initiative with a view to looking at other innovative consumer facing promotions in the coming year.”

The redemption mechanic works depending on the level you achieve within the game. From the off, the cost of the game (59p) is met by a discount off the first pizza order, with further free offers tied into the various levels.

• Level 3– The player is eligible for a free side or dessert when any pizza from Papa John’s Pizza is ordered.

• Level 10– The player is eligible for a free medium pizza when another Pizza from Papa John’s Pizza is purchased.

• Level 15– The player is eligible for a£5 off voucher when a minimum spend of£25 is met.

• Level 20– The player is eligible for a free medium pizza from Papa John’s Pizza.