Menu innovation continues to set Papa Johns apart from many of its major pizza-chain rivals, but the latest item is strictly finger food: the Calzone Papa Bites.

On the heels of its Cheesy Calzone Epic Stuffed pizza released in December, Papa Johns is thinking much smaller as the Super Bowl and the winter sports season approach. The new Calzone Papa Bites are described as “snackable sides” with calzone-inspired flavors.

The Calzone Papa Bites are hand-stuffed with a blend of mozzarella and garlic herb ricotta, green peppers, pepperoni and Italian sausage.

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They became available on January 22 for $4.99.

Last year was a big one for Papa Johns customers looking for new menu items. The company kicked off 2023 with the Crispy Parm Pizza, boasting a blend of shredded Parmesan-Romano cheese added to the bottom of the crust. In May, the chain released its Cool Ranch Doritos Papadias, a flatbread-style sandwich with a crust coated in Doritos Cool Ranch seasoning. And December brought the Cheesy Calzone Epic Stuffed Crust pizza that, the company said, “delivers crave-worthy flavors in a never-before-seen way.”

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