According to a news report from, “A pizzeria that gives away free pizza probably won’t be around for long. But on Friday, the owner of Pizza Plus on Avon-Belden Road did just that because he’s glad he can still say he’s alive. Frank Baird, 57, of Avon Lake, hosted the pizza party – complete with clown and DJ – for his customers not to celebrate the business’s one year anniversary — it’s still months away — but to celebrate the one-year anniversary of his major heart attack.”

“The miracle has started to evolve,” Baird said Friday between preparing lunch orders in his small pizzeria. “Months ago, I was panicked when I was told to start over at my age. But I knew I could do one thing — provide good pizza. It took a lot of faith, but here we are. Before we had faith, but didn’t have to use it to get through the day,” said the story.

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