Organization Sends Pizzas to US Forces Overseas for Super Bowl

“The Super Bowl is the biggest annual sporting event in the United States.  Many football fans not attending the game — this year in Indianapolis, Indiana — gather at parties in homes and bars across the country to watch the event on television.  At the center of this annual tradition is party food, including pizza. One organization brings that traditional touch of home to U.S. forces serving overseas,” according to the Voice of America.”‘

‘“Pizzeria Uno is the birthplace of deep dish pizza.  The recipe and the first deep dish pizza was created right here in our kitchen,’ said Uno’s General Manager April McRaven. He says the various sized of thick and layered pizza pies that pass throught their ovens are well known globally. But what about reversing that flow, sending the pizzas — fresh — to destinations around the world?”

“It was a question retired Air Force Master Sergeant Mark Evans’s teenage son Kent asked one night at the height of the Iraq War. The idea became Pizza 4 Patriots, a non-profit organization providing pizzas to U.S. service members stationed in conflict areas such as Iraq and Afghanistan. Since its founding in 2008, Pizza 4 Patriots has delivered more than 70,000 deep-dish pizzas to the U.S. military overseas.” 

‘“This year for Super Bowl, our goal is 10,000 pizzas, Chicago Uno’s deep dish pizza, some of the finest pizza in the world,’ Evans said. The destination for the 10,000 pizzas this Super Bowl Sunday is Afghanistan.  There, more than 40,000 U.S. service members will have a chance to have some of that deep dish pizza while watching the big game — broadcast live on the American Forces Network military channel.”