Online Ordering Becomes ‘Risk-Free,’ Leaving No Excuses

PARSIPPANY, N.J., July 15 /PRNewswire/ — BigHoller is now offering risk-free online ordering for both domestic and international clients in order to demonstrate that their solution can work for any restaurant industry business. Restaurants are guaranteed to generate over $200 in online orders on any given month or they are not charged BigHoller’s low monthly subscription rate for that month. This can be of great benefit to restaurants starting out with online ordering. Better yet, BigHoller can increase that guarantee to $2,000 in orders per month under certain circumstances. See BigHoller’s website link for complete details about this limited-time offer. Online ordering has never been easier or safer to start up.

“Online ordering is now a significant part of our clients’ revenue stream,” says GR Homa, managing partner of BigHoller. “Within one month, restaurants using BigHoller’s system are seeing huge successes. This is why we can put our money where our mouth is by passing this success onto our new clients.”

By removing the risk of trying online ordering, restaurants can now compete on a level playing field with other restaurants that already have this essential service. BigHoller offers many tools and features to help restaurants increase ticket sizes and that encourage customers to order more often. Back-end administrative sections, customized reports, coupon codes and intuitive menus, with special attention paid to customer support, are what restaurants can expect to grow their customer base. Now there are no more excuses as to why a restaurant cannot be successful with online ordering.

About BigHoller

BigHoller is an industry leader in online food ordering solutions utilized by single locations to international restaurant clients such as Pita Pit, Buckhorn Grill, Planet Pizza, and Hooters Casino Hotel Las Vegas ( BigHoller touts user-friendly customer interfaces, robust back-end menu databases, popular online ordering features and unsurpassed customer service. For more information, contact G.R. Homa at (888) Big-Holler (244-4655) or visit