ROME, N.Y., Feb. 9, 2011 — Sovena USA is proud to announce that its new consumer brand, Olivari Mediterranean Olive Oil, secured first place in the cooking category of the 2011 Product of the Year awards due to its patented Pop-Up Pourer. The way consumers use olive oil will never be the same again.

The award-winning Pop-Up Pourer springs from the bottle as soon as the cap is removed to reveal a professional-style pourer that delivers a clean, drip-free pour of olive oil. When the cap is screwed back onto the bottle, the Pop-Up Pourer retracts to seal in freshness. The Pop-Up Pourer can be found exclusively in bottles of Olivari up to the 34oz size.

Product of the Year is the world’s largest consumer survey on innovation in consumer packaged goods. In the U.S, 60,493 consumers participated in the survey by TNS and only 22 products made the cut. Olivari(R) Mediterranean Olive Oil is the only olive oil to win the prestigious award in its
25-year history. Olivari joins a roster of winners including products from Procter & Gamble, Nestle, SC Johnson, Pepsi and Johnson & Johnson.

Here’s what TNS respondents said about Olivari:

“This makes using olive oil so simple. Being able to drizzle without getting oil all over your hands is great.”

“The Olivari spout that retracts back into the lid is an innovative, simple idea. (It) not only allows for measured pouring but also protects the oil from oxidation.”

“I cook a lot with olive oil and having that pourer is an ingenious idea.”

“Love, love, love the idea of the pop up spout!!!”

Manufactured by Sovena USA in Rome, NY, Olivari emphasizes the Mediterranean way of life, reflected in a healthy, balanced lifestyle. Often, consumers transfer olive oil into cruets or secondary bottles with screw-on metal pourers like ones found on restaurant tables. This process can not only be messy and cumbersome, but also increases air exposure, which can cause the oil to degrade more quickly.

“As we developed Olivari Mediterranean, we specifically created it with our custom Pop-Up Pourer to make it quick and easy for our consumer to use the product as well as preserve the highest quality of our olive oil,” said Eryn Balch, marketing manager at Sovena USA.

Olivari Mediterranean Olive Oil can be found in Walmart Supercenters nationwide and in select chains throughout the Northeast.

About Olivari Mediterranean Olive Oil: Olivari selects premium olive oils from the heart of the Mediterranean that meet the highest specifications for quality and taste. Like
fine wine, every Olivari(R) Mediterranean Olive Oil is carefully blended to deliver a subtle, fruity aroma and fresh flavor that reflects the wholesome goodness of an
authentic Mediterranean diet. Only Olivari offers the exclusive, patented Pop-Up Pourer. For more information visit

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