Obama Family and Jennifer Lopez Watch Super Bowl, Eat Deep Dish Pies

According to MSN.FoxSports.com, “Deep dish pizza? Check. Buffalo wings? Check. Potato chips and pretzels? You betcha. The White House Super Bowl menu sounds like a spot-on duplicate of what many Americans will be devouring as they settle down for Sunday’s big game.”

“And that includes beer, although in the case of partygoers at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue, there will be a show-no-favorites selection of brewskis from both Wisconsin (Hinterland Pale Ale and Amber Ale) and Pennsylvania (Yuengling Lager and Light), along with a drink called White House Honey Ale, presumably for those who do not take sides. Otherwise, the menu to be consumed by the Obama family and guests, including singer Jennifer Lopez, her husband Marc Anthony and assorted government officials and cabinet members, is a veritable festival of calories and carbohydrates.”