According to a report from, "What better way to promote the image of the NYPD than with a … pepperoni pizza with extra cheese?"

The article said, "If it sounds unbecoming of the nation's largest police force, the city and the New York City Police Department feel the same way."

According to the report, "They're in the middle of a trademark infringement lawsuit accusing NYPD Pizza, an Orlando-based pizza chain, of "intentionally and purposefully" designing its logo to look like the department's fabled shield and of decorating its pizzerias to resemble police precincts, complete with bills that look like summonses."

The pizzeria claims, however, that the use of the name is simply a tribue to a high esteemed police department and its owner, Robert Russo, formerly of New York.

"We think the consumers are sophisticated enough to know the Police Department is not involved in running pizzerias," said Robert Golden, a lawyer for the chain. He said his client "has friends, relatives on the force and he did this as a tribute to them.

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