NYCs 10 Best Pizza Restaurants

According to, “Ever since an Italian immigrant named Gennuardo Lombardi first started making pizzas in America at his famous restaurant in 1905 it has become a staple for New Yorkers and a favorite amongst Americans.  True New York style pizzas are defined by thin crust, are cooked in a wood-fired oven, and have no excess sauce or cheese.  For the perfect NYC thin crust pizza experience, do not add too many toppings or order for delivery, the crust will become soggy.  Below are the 10 Best Pizza Restaurants in New York City:

“1.  Lombardi’s Pizzeria.  32 Spring Street.  This is where pizza started in America.  Although this is not the original location or family that owns Lombardi’s, they still make a good pie.  This pizza uses mozzarella cheese a little different than most places and it does not cover the pie.  No slices, pies only.

“2.  Grimaldi’s Pizzeria.  19 Old Fulton Street, Brooklyn.  Brooklyn is considered by most NY pizza connoisseurs to have the best pizza restaurants in NYC.  Grimaldi’s is the best of the bunch.  Be prepared for a huge line.  To burn off those calories from eating here, walk here and back to Manhattan on the Brooklyn Bridge.

“3.  Di Fara Pizzeria.  1424 Avenue J, Brooklyn.  Pizza lovers rave about this Brooklyn Pizzeria and many think this place is better than Grimaldi’s.  The pizza is not heavily sauced using home grown plum tomatoes, they use top quality ingredients (many imported from Italy), and each pizza is covered with three types of cheeses.

“4.  Artichoke Basilles Pizza.  328 East 14th Street.  This one is not exactly a NY style pizza restaurant and is most popular with the young East Village crowd.  Their menu is simple with four styles of slices: artichoke, margarita, Sicilian, and crab.  Try the artichoke, it uses a cream sauce instead of tomato and is their signature pizza.

“5.  John’s of Bleecker Street.  278 Bleecker Street.  This place has survived since 1929 for a good reason.  Their wood fired pizza is the bomb.  Unlike similar older pizzeria joints in NYC, like Lombardi’s and Grimaldi’s, they use small chunks of mozzarella to ensure the cheese covers the entire pie.  The crust is charred perfectly and thin just like it should be.  No slices.

“6.  Patsy’s Pizzeria.  2287 1st Avenue (between 117th & 118th Streets).  Located in East Harlem; this is the original Patsy’s, started in 1933.  It has pizza available by the slice or pie.  Baking NYC pizza firewood oven tradition, they use a coal oven.

“7.  Luzzo’s.  211 1st Avenue.  They make great ultra thin crust with their combo coal-wood oven.  The pizza crust is also unique because they make it with the addition of sugar.  Located in East Village, this is my favorite pizzeria south of 14th in Manhattan.  They offer a large variety of pizza toppings.

“8.  Nick’s Restaurant & Pizzeria.  1814 2nd Ave (between 93rd & 94th Streets).  Not only an excellent pizza but also offers other great Italian food entrees.  I like to come here when I am the only one in the group craving pizza and the others want good Italian cuisine.

“9.  Franny’s.  295 Flatbush Avenue, between Prospect Place & St Marks Avenue.  Another pizzeria worth the trip into Brooklyn.  Unlike other well known established pizzerias like Grimaldi’s, they focus on fresh local and organic ingredients.  Offer a variety of non-traditional ingredients like clams.

“10.  Graziella’s.  232 Vanderbilt Avenue, Brooklyn.  The Pizza Vito, with caramelized onions, sausage, and mushrooms, is an orgy for your taste buds.  Another full fledged restaurant with many Italian specialties besides pizza.”