Not-So-Friendly Competition Over Pizza

“Pizza wars usually center on discounted prices or claims of who’s best. But a conflict in western New York took it to another level when a former manager of one local pizza spot was arrested after he smashed his car into a rival’s sign in a dispute over its wording, according to the Knoxville (NY) Journal Express. The sign at Vito’s Avenue Pizzeria, which was located near the sidewalk, welcomed Pizza Junction’s former manager and said it was now serving that outlet’s “original” pizza.”

“Ryan Fleckenstein, whose parents closed Pizza Junction earlier this month, confronted Peter Wozniak, who owns Vito’s, and demanded the message be removed. Wozniak declined. Shortly thereafter, Fleckenstein got into his vehicle and ran over the sign. Another nearby tenant said he thought someone had hit the building. He said he was most worried about his wife who was inside his business and two teenagers who were walking nearby.””’She could have been killed if it (the sign) came through the window,’ he said. ‘I saw pieces of everything fly past through the door.’ Police Chief Randy Szukala confirmed that the incident was over the wording on the sign. ‘He didn’t like it for some reason and that was the way he chose to take the wording off the sign,’ he said.”