A news report from CitizensVoice.com asks, “Everyone wants a castle, right? 

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Apparently not. An auction held Tuesday to sell a 3,100-square-foot “castle” at 929 State St. attracted no bidders, despite the large number of inquiries Perillo Auction & Liquidation Services Inc. received in advance about the building.”

“It has been a difficult project,” said Fran Brunelle, president of the Flemington, N.J.- based auction company. “At this point, we’ve flooded the market with advertising.” “The castle opened its gates for the first time in 2004 as an architectural pun housing the second location of a “Vince the Pizza Prince” restaurant,” says the article.

“The original restaurant is in a traditional-style building at 600 Pittston Ave., in Scranton. Vincent P. Cianfichi Jr., 39, 102 Elmwood Drive, Moscow, built the castle for $480,000, Brunelle said. Chianfichi has since closed the location and has been looking to sell the citadel,” according to the story. “Tuesday’s auction was held to sell the building, but none of the equipment inside or the land. The land is leased from KARF LLC, based in Clarks Summit.”

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