Nicholas D’Agostino III Elected FIA Chair with Longest Consecutive Service

With the September 16th election of Nicholas D’Agostino III, President and
COO of D’Agostino Supermarkets, Larchmont, NY, as Chair by the Food
Industry Alliance (FIA) of New York State’s Board of Directors, he is
positioned to become the longest consecutive serving chairman in the
history of the organization.  Also, uniquely, he continues the familial tradition
of industry leadership in New York State since he is the fourth D’Agostino —
and the third generation of D’Agostinos — to chair FIA (formerly the New York
State Food Merchants Association).

After election to the FIA chairmanship in 2007 shortly following his
newly-elected predecessor leaving the industry, Mr. D’Agostino completed
that unexpired annual term and was elected for his first full yearly term in
2008. Upon completion of his current second term in 2010, D’Agostino will
have served well in excess of two terms as FIA Chair — the longest on

Commenting on Mr. D’Agostino’s unprecedented tenure of consecutive
leadership to the trade group, FIA President Jim Rogers said, “Nick was
thrust into the chairmanship at an extraordinary period in FIA’s history.
With New York State facing unprecedented deficits, a scandal-ridden governor
ousted from office, and Democrats grabbing control of the Senate for the
first time in over four decades, grocers were battling ‘Bottle Law’
expansion to virtually all beverage containers, while working on an equally
controversial issue to include wine sales in supermarkets.”

Rogers continued, “The result of this tumultuous time reflects the steady
hand and vision of Nick as significant progress was made — even in this
legislatively challenging environment.  A budget-driven, last minute capture
of escheats via expansion of the ‘Bottle Law’ was scaled-back and restricted
only to water as the Legislature recognized the effectiveness of FIA’s
arguments by increasing the handling fee to retailers by 75% to 3½¢.”  And,
Rogers added, that for the first time ever, a New York governor included
“wine” in the Executive Budget, which advanced the issue for serious
consideration in the upcoming year.  “Clearly, Nick’s keen intellect and
direction gave FIA the focus to serve as the catalyst for these positive

Assessing the circumstances the industry will be encountering, Mr.
D’Agostino observed, “Without hesitation, during this past year New York
State’s elected officials — and, yes, grocers — were in unchartered
waters. The upcoming year will be no different. The challenge to FIA, the
Board and me, is to keep the industry moving forward, united through common
goals, attuned to the volatility of the changing politically landscape in an
election year, and committed to a prudent, but aggressive, course of action.
It won’t be easy, but it will be necessary.”

Mr. D’Agostino is no stranger to leadership. His abilities have been
recognized not only by FIA, but also by his service on the Executive
Committee of the Board of Directors of the National Grocers Association, the
Board of Trustees of the Citymeals on Wheels and the Multiple Sclerosis
Society of the Southern New York Chapter.